Day 365 of 2014 + Fireworks

Thank You, God, for giving us 2014 and leading us to a new year.

It’s December 31, 2014 here in the Philippines. As I type, there is less than 22 hours left before Day 1 of 2015 arrives. My parents and I would probably celebrate the same way we did for Christmas 2014 – eat food and watch fireworks. The main difference, though, is that the fireworks for New Year’s Eve are grander than that of Christmas. I should know – I love fireworks and I wait for them every year!

The Sports Center near my place has a fireworks display show every year. From what I could recall, they had last year’s fireworks show at around ten to eleven PM. I assumed they would schedule it similarly this year, but I ended up craning my neck to check my desk-side window after every few minutes if they started. Wearing headphones while waiting wasn’t the best idea, but I was listening to some awesome songs I found on YouTube yesterday. The sound of explosion would be audible even though I wore headphones, but I wanted to watch the show from the very beginning.

Cue 12:22 AM, 31 December 2014.  I checked my window again and – OH. MY. FIREWORKS. My parents fell asleep early and they wanted me to wake them up when the show started. Of course, I wasn’t the type to wake them up with a scream. Well, the noise I made was probably that of a running ostrich mixed with the screech of a cat when its tail gets stepped on.

And then we watched. Opened windows for a clearer view. The evening breeze was cool, which was a bonus. The fireworks were beautifully synchronized. They were dancing in the air! The choreography was breathtaking… fantastic. I couldn’t explain how I felt or how beautiful the view was with words while I watched.

The ending blew me away. There were at least four large golden firework displays in the sky while golden sparks shot up like water from a lawn water sprinkler. THE VIEW WAS REALLY PRETTY AND SHINY, OKAY. And it all ended in one loud BOOM.

I love fireworks, honestly. Funny thing, though, that I was afraid of them the first time I saw such a display. I thought the sparks shot in the air were tiny shiny rockets designed to fall on the ground to cause explosions or fire. But, nah, just metal. (segue: click this link that leads to one of my favorite Compound Interest articles, which is about – you guessed it! – FIREWORKS!)

Like I said, I am a sucker for fireworks. I just… like the way they brighten the night sky with bright, neon colored lights (especially violet fireworks!). I enjoy them even more when I watch them with my parents or with people I love being with. In fact, I am a fan of the fireworks cliche in romance stories or movies, and I am not one for common cliches. I’m glad I was able to watch the fireworks show of the Sports Center tonight. It was way better than last year’s! I hope that next year’s show would be even better, and that I would be able to watch it with my parents again (or with, if I manage to get one, my boyfriend! Kidding!). I would gladly post the video I took, but I made too many squealing noises while watching… so the video would just embarrass me.  BUT HERE’S A PICTURE:

The fireworks display outside my window as the show moves into its finale.
The fireworks display outside my window as the show moves into its finale.

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