And so I decided to chronicle parts of my life again in a blog. Whoop-de-doo.

First semester has finally ended, and now I realized how stressing it is to be a college student who used to underestimate naps and sleeping in general back in high school.

Thank goodness it’s finally our semester break! I can finally try to beat my record of 16 hours of sleep. Also thinking what productive things I could do before the next semester starts. I’m pretty sure I’m going to update my fanfics on AO3 (although finishing them immediately will be a challenge) and play videogames. And since my electric guitar is back from the dead, I’ll probably spend more time with it before we part again. The urge to play Fall Out Boy songs is strong within me.

But one thing’s for sure – I’m going to spend less time in Facebook and more time in Yahoo! Messenger. Some of my close friends and I decided to return to the mother of Filipino-favored chatting programs because logging on to Facebook just to chat is exhausting (especially if the same people post the same things every second).

’til next time. Cheerio!


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